Friday, August 16, 2013

Hilarious Instructional Video On How To Mess With Phone Scammer

A video a woman took of herself interacting with a phone scammer is totally worth a hilarious look.
Amy Wellman of Scottsdale Arizona clearly
couldn't believe how dumb the phone scammer
she was talking to was.  

Let's face it, most of us don't fall for scammers trying to get our bank account information, and the calls, emails, etc. are beyond annoying.

But the Arizona woman decided to have just a bit of fun with it. She scammed the scammer, who totally fell for it.

The woman, Amy Wellman, 24, of Scottsdale, said the opportunity to make a fool of the scammer was too good to pass up, says television station KPHO.

While scamming the scammer, Wellman adopted the persona of a not very bright person. The person on the other line was the one who was supremely stupid, given that she fell for Wellman's contention that the name of her bank is Piggy Bank, and that her mailing address is "Dickberry Lane."

In an airhead, sing song voice, Wellman kept interrupting the scammer with comments like "I'm going to quit my job now that I'm getting all this money."

The scammer warns her that using the windfall for illegal or evil purposes is not allowed, but assures Wellman that using the money to buy weed is OK.

The video is 12 minutes long, but it's worth watching for laugh out loud hilarity, and to give you ideas on how to manage scammers the next time they contact you. Here's the video:

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  1. Hahahah! Reminds me of the fun ways I found at Callercenter to annoy nuisance callers.

    Well, those callers deserve that. Let's lead them on and waste their time. Make them pay large phone bills.