Sunday, August 18, 2013

Police Advice: Never Drive A Smashed Up Car With Deployed Airbags at 95 MPH While Drunk and Foaming At the Mouth

Talk about having a bad day.

Police decided to stop a guy named Alan Alt on Interstate 95 in Florida just because he was driving a smashed up car with deployed airbags while speeding at 90 mph while drunk AND while foaming at the mouth, according to the Sun Sentinal of Florida.
Alan Alt actually looking none
the worse for wear in this mug
shot after his rough night in Florida  

Some of the quotes and sentences from the Sun Sentinel article are precious. Take this one:

"I did not, wait a minute, I did drink today," a shirtless and shoeless Alan Alt told the deputy, according to the arrest report."

And this:

"He was also foaming at the mouth and throwing up, and had to be helped out of the vehicle. Alt pleaded with the deputy not to arrest him.

Um, how could the deputy not arrest you, Alan?

There are a few mysteries in this story. Exactly what did he hit with his car, and why was he foaming at the mouth? There's no evidence our buddy had rabies or anything.

Apparently, this isn't the only example of somebody driving down a road with a smashed up car.

Check out this video. I have no idea how this guy could keep this car going, but what the heck:

In any event, this is a cautionary tale for you partiers out there. It's a bad idea to smash up your car and then speed down the highway at a zillion miles per hour. Just sayin'.

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