Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Very Weird And Stupid Reactions To Gay People

Two items in the news this week highlight some of the bizarre contortions people go through when anything remotely gay ends up on their radar screen.
Church kicks this woman's family out of church
because the family refused to hate her because she's gay.  

The first is a church in Tennessee who kicked an entire family out of the congregation. Why?

The daughter in one family, named Kat Cooper,  won same sex domestic partnership benefits at the police department she works at, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. 

Worse, in the eyes of the church, the family loves the daughter and wouldn't turn their backs on her.

"Literally, they're exiling members for unconditionally loving their children--and even extended family members," Cooper told the Times Free Press.

Well, that's grounds for excommunication. How dare family members love each other!  What, are we supposed to hate our way to heaven?

The family could have stayed with the church had they gotten in front of the congregation and repented for the "sin" of supporting Cooper.

But the family, reasonably enough, says there's no sin to repent.

The family is upset they're being forced to leave the church, and I can understand that, since it was such an important part of their lives.  But they're probably better off without the "church" in the long run.

I'm frankly surprised anybody still belongs to this church. Every family has a member who has done something to "violate" the rules of this church, I'm sure.   Heck, any random "impure" thought could get you kicked out. And I have to wonder what nasty stuff goes on in the paster's mind?

I'm sure this church will wither and die.  Good.

In the other case, via BoingBoing, a man named Michael Jensen had the novel he co-authored canceled by the publisher because his bio said he lived with his male partner. OMG!

"They knew I was gay when they signed me," said Mr. Jensen. "If tey didn't want to print the bio of an author who happened to be gay, then they shouldn't have sign an author who happened to be gay."

Jensen said the owner of Cedar Fort Publishing, Lyle Mortimer went off on him: "The conversation really devolved quickly...... Lyle started yelling about my 'agenda' and how I was trying to destroy families. He even started saying inappropiate things about how God had given me a penis for a reason. It was very uncomfortable."

What, God gave Jensen a penis so he could  write a novel? I'm confused. I hope Jensen finds another publisher for his novel. Maybe a publisher which does what they're supposed to do, like find good books to publish, and not worry about what the author does when he's not writing.

What a novel idea!

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