Thursday, August 22, 2013

Freaky!!! Trees Sink Out Of Sight In Louisiana Bayou

I imagine Louisiana bayous are scary places. God knows what kinds of creatures live there, what odd things happen amid the humidity and the mosquitoes and the swampy tangle of vegetation.
Aerial view of Bayou Corne sinkhole in
Louisiana which yielded the dramatic video in
this post.   

Well, we got one window into that today.

In a video that's spreading like wildfire, we see a bunch of big trees sink out of sight in Bayou Corne,  as if tugged down underground by a huge beast living down under.

Amazing to watch them go straight down. It's part of a large sinkhole that appeared more than a year ago, and the edges of it continue to collapse. One of those collapses explains these trees going away.

The sinhole is now 25 acres in size, according to The Advocate in Louisiana. The edges of it could continue collapsing for years. 

Here's the wild video: Makes you not want to take a canoe into a marsh or pond anymore.

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