Friday, August 16, 2013

Crime 101: Never Make An Appointment To Commit A Robbery

Two guys tried to hold up a Chicago restaurant recently, but when they showed up, the lunch rush was on, the owner was busy, plus the owner didn't want to bother or endanger the customer with a robbery.
These two guys made an appointment to
commit a robbery, Chicago police said.  

Could the robbers return an hour later, when things weren't so hectic? the restaurant owner inquired.

"Sure, no problem!" said the robbers. And sure enough, the robbers returned, according to CBS2 in Chicago.

The robbers, Domingo Garcia-Hernadez and Mario Garcia, probably have to go back to robbery school for this one. It's one thing to make a restaurant reservation for a nice meal, but a robbery?

It didn't help that the gun one of the robbers threatened the owner with appears to have been a squirt gun. Maybe bring a Super Soaker to a robbery next time, guys?

The restaurant called police, putting them on alert that there might be an attempted robbery in an hour and they might be interested in it.

When the robbers duly returned after an hour, the restaurant was indeed less busy than it was before. The robbers demanded food and $100. The restaurant owner, Mohammed Muhki, feigning forgetfulness, said he'd comply but he had to go get his wife's checkbook to give the robbers their money.

He's going to fork over a personal check for a robbery? Like paying the plumber for a house call?

Of course not! Muhki, "searching for the check book" called the cops, who were waiting nearby. They made the arrest. Which will give time for the robbers to think through their next crime.

We can't wait!

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