Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hilarious Pop Culture Collision: Breaking Bad and Miley Cyrus

Somebody named Sam Barnett on YouTube just made an inspired pop culture mashup of two of the biggest, frivolous things going on out there now.
Hank from "Breaking Bad" appearing not
to enjoy Miley Cyrus' performance  

As most of us know, "Breaking Bad" is probably the most talked about television series out there now.

On Sunday's episode of "Breaking Bad" there was an incredibly pivotal scene that I won't describe much in case you haven't seen it yet and want to.

Anyway, two characters from "Breaking Bad," Hank and Marie, were watching something shocking and horrifying. That's one part of the mashup.

Another shocking and horrifying thing going on Sunday was the Great Miley Cyrus Crisis of 2013, in which, as we all know, involved her, um, saucy performance at the Video Music Awards.

So, on YouTube, somebody decided to mash up the two most talked about pop culture moments of the week. It's pretty hysterical. Watch:

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