Saturday, August 10, 2013

Worst Co-Workers Ever: Man Says Fellow Employees Repeatedly Tasered Him

Bradley Jones, a guy who until recently worked at Texas car dealership, probably came close to having the world's worst co-workers.
Is Tasering your co-worker really
the best use of time?   

That's because they repeatedly Tased him, because they thought it was funny or something, according to television station KHOU in Houston.

Of course he's suing now, but I have to wonder why the people who victimized him weren't charged with assault. (Criminal charges are still possible, says KHOU)

He seems to have a good case, since may of th tasings appeared on YouTube before they were recently taken down.

Supposedly, the owner of the dealership was in on the Tasing. The boss, Sam Harliss, supplied the Taser, according to the lawsuit, and sometimes filming the incidents.

I'm sure when the videos are played during the lawsuit depositions or trial, somebody is going to have lots of 'Splainin' to do.

Here's the news report from KHOU:

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