Wednesday, August 14, 2013

World's Worst Neighbors: Colorado Family Says Residents Hate Their Ramp For Disabled Daughter

In Fountain, Colorado, Vincent and Heidi Giesegh have a daughter who has cerebral palsy, so it's hard for her to get up and down stairs.
The house in Colorado with a handicap access ramp
in this image from KKTV. Neighbors object to
the ramp, saying it brings down property values. 

The couple got approvals from the city and built a handicap access ramp to their front door, and widened their driveway a bit to make room for the van that provides transportation for their teenage daughter.

The ramp looks fine. It even has a nice little flower garden in front of it. The ramp complies with all city rules and building codes, so this is not news, right?

Enter the Giesegh's neighbors, who let's just say I'm glad do not live anywhere near me. The Gieseghs say the neighbors have threatened them with a lawsuit, saying the handicap ramp will bring down their property values, according to television station KKTV.  

I'm not sure how the neighbors think their threats will work. How will the ramp bring down neighborhood property values? Judging from the pictures, it's well constructed, not obtrusive, and the Giesegh home looks tidy and well maintained.

And since the Gieseghs complied with all the zoning and building code rules, there's not a safety problem.

I guess anybody can sue anyone for anything, but the neighbors are wasting their money if they sue, assuming they can find a lawyer who would take on their case.

Bottom line: Given the information we have from news reports, the Gieseghs' neighbors get my nomination as the worst neighbors on the planet. I wonder what would happen if one of those mean neighbors someday need a ramp to get into their own house?

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  1. The Gieseghs have their name splashed all over the internet. I think it is only fair that the "neighbors" be named as well.