Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Month of Entertaining News Bloopers

I always like those compilation videos that demonstrate that live TV when doing newscasts is fraught with danger.
Uh, Am I on now? Another month of
head-slapping news bloopers.  

This month's episode of TV newscasters having their share of problems includes one reporter who, on air, fell into a North Carolina creek terribly polluted with coal tar.

The famous clip of the U.S Congressman threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony railing is there for good measure.

There's lots of weather clips, which makes sense because there's been lots of weather lately.

My favorite moment when a man being interviewed says winter is "Like Justin Beiber, kind of cute and exciting when it first started out and now it's a bit obnoxious and should just stay in Canada."

Here, here! on that one.

Here's your morning news. Watch:

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