Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oklahoma Lawmaker Says He Found Way To Stop Gay Marriage: Just Ban All Marriages

Some people just hate the idea of same sex marriage, and are getting more and more alarmed as more states and more countries make these unions legal.
Mike Turner, an Oklahoma state legislator,
said he'd like to ban all marriages as a way
to prevent gay marriages.  

One of the people who doesn't like gay marriage is Mike Turner, a state legislator in Oklahoma.

As courts and legislatures and voters approve gay marriage in other states, Turner says he's found a way to prevent any gay marriages from taking place in Oklahoma.

Turner says he'd just ban all marriages. 

Turner, and other Oklahoma opponents of same sex marriage are in a bit of a tizzy because a federal judge recently invalidated Oklahoma's constitutional amendment banning such marriages.

The judge cited the U.S. Supreme Court's June decision that held the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

DOMA was basically a federal ban on same sex marriages. The decision on the Oklahoma marriage situation is under appeal.

The gay marriage ban in Oklahoma remains in place while the court case is under appeal.

Of course, if you thought the nation's current mishmash of laws either approving of or banning same sex marriage makes for confusing case law, imagine what Turners' ban on all marriages would do.

Like everywhere, Oklahoma has a huge number of married couples. Do they all have to get a divorce?  Would one spouse have to move out of the house? Where would they go? That would surely create a boom in new housing construction!

Or if the overall marriage ban went into effect, would couples just have to live together, in SIN?!!? After all, if they're not married, they're cohabitating. I don't know how well that would go in conservative, religious Oklahoma.

And here's a problem common to both mixed gender and same sex marriages. If someone gets married in a state where marriage is legal, then moves to Oklahoma, what happens to the marriage? Nullified? What?

Of course, people could still get married in Oklahoma under Turner's insane idea, but it wouldn't be state sanctioned.  So is that a real marriage or not?

Maybe Turner and his ilk should just calm down. In states where same sex marriage is legal, the sky didn't fall and it won't in Oklahoma (At least not more than usual, given all the tornadoes and storms they get in Oklahama)

It also seems same sex marriage hasn't ruined all other marriages despite the hysteria I've heard for years from opponents. If Turner doesn't like gay marriage, then he shouldn't get gay married.

If he doesn't like gay marriage, he's free to say so.  He sounds like he's a church kind of guy. So let's wait until Judgement Day to decide who's right.

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