Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stupid Criminal Of The Day Doesn't Take Orders From Asians

Every day, Florida delights us with the dumbest of criminals.
Cops allege Brian Hussey doesn't like
Asians at all.  

The latest one involves a Crestview, Fla. cop who decided to be a nice guy and check on the welfare of a pedestrian he saw who didn't look well.

The guy, identified as Brian Hussey responded by repeatedly blowing in the face of the cop and informing him he doesn't take orders from Asians. 

I guess the cop was of Asian descent, or Hussey thought he was.

I wonder what the problem with Asians is? Geez.

In any event, Hussey is now charged with battery on a law enforcement official.

Let's hope for Hussey's sake the judge in the case doesn't have Asian ancestry as well.

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