Thursday, February 27, 2014

Safe? Bottle Rockets Launched Into Crowd To Give Them "Good Luck"

Everybody wishes each other well when the New Year hits.
People intentionally subject themselves to
a barrage of bottle rockets for "luck"
I wish them luck, too.  

In a Taiwanese city, they have an interesting way of showing it. During the Chinese New Year, they fire tons of bottle rockets into a willing crowd, because that is suppose to give them good luck through the rest of the year.

It's called the Beehive Festival in part because the fireworks, like angry bees, emerge from a big contraption that looks like a beehive.

I do notice most of the people in the crowd wear helmets, which is good. But I wonder if a high speed bottle rocket, fully lit blasting into your face is the luckiest way to start a new year.

But what do I know. Watch, and then you can decide:

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