Monday, February 10, 2014

How To Advertise Your Business: Have Person Dress Up As Banana And Carry AK-47

Derek Poe, owner of a business called Golden Triangle Tactical had a problem.
Maybe Golden Triangle Tactical should have
hired a Minion, with their love of bananas
(and sometimes guns) to advertise their store.  

He was moving the location of the business and he need to let his customers know of the change.

Yes, he could have taken out ads in the newspaper, radio, TV and social media and he probably did some of those things.

But what better way to advertise the move than to have a teenager stand outside the store's new location dressed as a banana and carrying an AK-47?

That's precisely what Poe did to advertise his business move, according to television station KBMT in Beaumont, Texas.

Well, I suppose a murderous looking banana is one way to attract attention. To be fair, the AK-47 wasn't loaded and the banana teenager wasn't threatening anyone with it.

I'm not sure what a store selling guns and such has to do with bananas, but what do I know? As long as the people buying the guns are't bananas in the head

The teen was cited for violating a Beaumont city ordinance that bars soliciting business on the side of the road. But with an open carry permit, it looks as if the AK-47 was legal, so the kid's not in that much trouble.

Hey, and the advertising ploy worked. Now, with the publicity, a lot more people, including you, know about Golden Triangle Tactical.

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