Friday, February 14, 2014

Rich Troll Twit Tom Perkins' Latest Idea: Let Rich Buy Up Votes In Elections

Poor Tom Perkins.
Tom Perkins thinks the rich should buy up all the votes

By poor, I don't mean monetarily. He's a billionaire.

But in his mind, he doesn't have enough rights. In his mind, if you're rich, you should be able to buy everything. Material things like mansions, Lear jets, baubles and jewelry isn't nearly enough, oh no sir!

If you're very rich, like Perkins is, you ought to be able to buy the adoration of all the serfs under his feet.

How dare anyone have the temerity to criticize the rich!  Or say even the most slightly mean thing about them! Even to envy them!  In his mind, respect is bought, not earned.

Yes, last month, he was the guy who said that criticism of the rich amounted to Kristallnacht, that awful night in Nazi Germany when they started rounding up the Jews for extermination. Yep, mild criticism of the rich is JUST as bad as the Holocaust.

Now our buddy Perkins is back with a brand new idea. Oh, some of these rich people are full of ideas! See, in his mind, elections are another commodity. You buy as many votes as you can muster.

No "one person, one vote" crap that has kept this country running all these years.

According to CNN Money, this is what Perkins said is his great idea:

"'The Tom Perkins system is: you don't get to vote unless you pay a dollar of taxes,' Perkins said, 'But what I really think is, it should be like a corporation. You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"

Oh, perfect, Tom! Instead of this byzantine system of corporations buying off politicians through campaign contributions to do their bidding, you just buy them off directly.

Pay a few million bucks to just do whatever you want and screw the wishes of everybody else, who you think were too stupid, too undeserving to become obnoxious billionaires like yourself.

Plus, this guarantees the people with the money stay rich, and one of your serfs who has the audacity to try to get rich through talent, hard work and great ideas has no way to do so, because you've thwarted  him or her by buying the government.

 CNN Money reported that his audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco kind of laughed at the idea, but Perkins said he's serious, though he allowed, "I intended to be outrageous and I was."

Tom, you were right. We are outraged. I know we shouldn't even pay attention to you. You're just a troll. A moneybags troll, but a troll, and we're not supposed to feed the trolls. It encourages you.

But I'm going to pay attention to you and your ilk anyway. We serfs have to do everything we can and expose your nonsense to you don't buy off the nation for yourself even more than you already do.

Yep, people like me hope to be your Kristallnacht. Except we're not going to smash your windows, arrest you, put you in concentration camps, persecute you or otherwise hurt you. You deserve to live out your life in opulent splendor. Go for it!

Instead, us serfs need to do something that to your mind is surely much, much worse and much, much more painful.

We want to ensure that everybody, even you, Your Highness Tom Perkins, obey the same rules, laws and societal conventions as all the rest of us, including the poor you hate so much, are expected to do.    

Oh the horror!

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