Sunday, February 2, 2014

Could We Stop Shooting Each Other At The Slightest Provocation, Please

Last week I read the disheartening, to say the least, news about some moron in West Virginia who shot two people to death because he believed the two men were trespassing on his property, according to television station WSAZ.
This yahoo's first thought when
he believed to people were trespassing
on his property (they weren't)
was to shoot them, polie said.  

Turns out the two brothers that were killed, Garrick and Carl Hopkins, both in their early 60s, were on their own property that they just purchased and weren't trespassing on the property of the accused, Rodney Black, 62.

But that's totally besides the point.

Even if the Hopkins brothers were tramping through the accused murderer's front lawn, how is that justification for shooting?

Black couldn't try to shoo them away or call the cops or even threaten them a bit if he thought they were trespassing? The first thing he tried was shooting them?

According to WSAZ, Black told police he saw the Hopkins brothers shaking a door on what he said was his own shed (it wasn't), didn't warn them to leave and just blasted away with his gun.

This is sort of like that theater shooting in Florida last month  where two guys got into an argument because the older guy didn't like the younger guy texting during the previews. It got heated enough so that the younger guy threw a bag of popcorn at the other guy, who in what was his mind a measured response anyway, shot the popcorn bag thrower to death.

The older guy's defense was he felt threatened. Then why did he leave the theater to talk to a manager and then come back? Oh well.

What is it about this tiny minority of gun owners who think the solution to every problem is to kill someone?  Cripes, if I say one of them is wearing a sort of ugly shirt, he'd probably open fire with an AK-47. Or bazooka.

The Second Amendment says we have the right to own guns. Fine. Can someone explain to me please, where in the Second Amendment does it say we can shoot somebody at the slightest provocation?

And surely these gun nuts don't want it to work both ways. I believe they think they can shoot anything and anyone they want and they're above the law.

What I mean by "gun nut" by the way, are not the people are merely enthusiastic about the Second Amendment. They're fine.

I'm talking about the paranoid weirdos who shoot and ask questions later, who think the world is being taken over by Marxists bent on making us all subservient sheeple, that they have to stockpile weapons, that the Revolution Is Coming and the Must Overthrow The Obama Dictatorship!!!

Or something like that. These crazies like to hide behind the Second Amendment to support their rootin' shootin' tootin' paranoid fantasies.

Then there's the people who get their hands on all kinds of guns, even when it's not legal. Like the recent case of a meth smoking, white supremacist felon in Washington State who managed to amass something of an arsenal 

I don't have any solutions here. There are some obvious ones, but it seems not enough people want to enforce existing laws, or enact very mild regulations on guns, without taking away the right for most of us to own guns.

Because after all, we can limit free speech under the First Amendment, but don't you dare limit anything under the Second Amendment.

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