Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Cartoon Face" Criminal Doesn't Look Cartoony Like His Police Sketch

Two women in Texas got mugged last month.
The police sketch of the perp, and the alleged
perp after his arrest. The photograph looks a
bit more sinister, doesn't it?  

Police started an investigation, and of course had the women describe the suspect, so they could draw a likeness and go after the perp.

The frightened women probably didn't give a great description, and the resulting sketch looked like the criminal was cartoon drawn by a five year old.

An evil cartoon?

It turns out, no. A guy by the name of Gleen Edwin Rundles was charged the other day with aggravated robbery, indecent exposure and burglary.  He looks nothing like the police sketch.

I have no idea if that will affect his court case, but at least we can be assured no cartoons are assaulting defenseless, innocent women in Texas. Or anywhere for that matter

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