Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hideous: Woman Allegedly Tried To Burn Down Pet Shop With 27 Puppies Inside

It's one thing to burn down your business, maybe for insurance fraud. It's illegal and dangerous and people deserve jail for doing such a thing.
Gloria Eun Hye Lee is accused of burning down
her pet store with 27 puppies inside. The puppies
were rescued and are OK. She looks like
a real sweetheart, doesn't she?  

But this arson story is even worse: A woman in Las Vegas named Gloria Eun Hye Lee, 35, is accused, with a boyfriend, of setting fire to her pet shop with 27 puppies inside, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

Just so you don't freak out over those puppies:

Thankfully, well placed sprinkler heads in the building and a very quick response from Las Vegas firefighters meant the firefighters were able to rescue all 27 puppies.

Somehow, none of them puppies were injured. Definitely lucky!

Lee was arrested soon after the Jan. 27 fire. The boyfriend was arrested later in Indiana, according to the Review Journal.

Prosecutors said surveillance video indicated that as Bills was splashing kerosene around the store to light it up, Lee was retrieving files to take with her before the place burst into flames.

So if what prosecutors say is true, she was trying to save some files but didn't give a damn about the puppies?  What kind of sicko is that,  knowing she was going to kill a bunch of harmless, living, trusting puppies, and care much more about a bunch of stupid files?

Gawd I hope they put this woman away for a long, long time if she's guilty. 

Lee apparently doesn't have the best track record, according to the Review-Journal:

"The prosecutor added that Lee had three prior convictions from California, for escape, larceny from a bank and forgery.....

Lee also had a prior run-in with Clark County animal control officers in 2008. She was charged with 37 counts for violating county ordinances in caring for the animals in her pet shop, including failure to vaccinate the animals and improper confinement of the animals. The case was later dismissed after Lee corrected the violations."

I don't know why she was still in the pet business. The record suggests she's not great with animals.

The puppies that were rescued are at an animal shelter until they are fully vaccinated. County officials will decide who the dogs belong to. They might be put up for adoption.

Maybe  the firefighters who rescued the puppies could get some of the dogs, if they want them.

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