Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bee-Ware: Worst Place EVER To Burglarize Is Beehive Shed

Police in Hampton, Britain said they are looking for a burglar who is in pain and has a sudden aversion to honey.
This guy gives us honey, and fights crime, too!  

Most burglars tend to target banks, convenience stores, unoccupied homes, things like that.

Burglarizing such places have on the job hazards such as getting shot, arrested or beaten by unhappy victims. However, most burglard don't end up getting stung by a bunch of bees.

This particular burglar in Hampton decided it would be a good idea to burglarize a shed housing busy, fully functioning bee hives, according to the local paper called the Richmond and Twickenham Times. 

(Side note: I love the name of the town Twickenham)

Anyway, there's no word on what, if anything the burgler took. Local authorities say they hope the bee stings make it easy to catch the perp:

According to the R&T Times:

 "..... police said (the burglar) would have been stung numerous times and are appealing to pharmacists and hospital workers to come forward if they have encountered a sting-pocked person. 

Detective Sergeant Chris Brown said: 'Bee stings at this time of the year are unusual and we would ask that you get in contact with police.'" 

That would be kind of cool: All those bees unwittingly turning in a criminal because people normally wouldn't get stung by bees this time of year.

The R&T Times helpfully notes: "A spate of shed burglaries have hit the area in recent weeks, with police advising people to lock their valuables away, although enlisting the help of insects may be an idea."

I might just invest in some guard bees to protect my house. Would that qualify me for a lower home insurance rate?

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