Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Horrible Person Is Leaving Poisoned Meatballs in San Francisco To Kill Dogs

A mystery person in San Francisco deserves a special place in hell for leaving dozens of poisoned meatballs around certain neighborhoods for dogs to find, eat, and then die.
Poisoned meatballs found in San Francisco.
Someone is trying to kill dogs in one
neighborhood in that city.
Boy, when that person is caught..... 

Nobody knows who is getting their jollies from trying to kill dogs this way, but I hope they find this person soon. Then force that idiot to eat spoiled or dangerous meat for a long, long time.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a city animal control officer found at least 35 poisoned meatballs in the Twin Peaks neighborhood of the city last Saturday. 

The meatballs were hidden in bushes, hedges, in carports, behind stairwells  and other areas that wouldn't be readily seen by humans, but would quickly be sniffed out by dogs with their super-strength senses of smell.

"These were incredibly well-hidden, said Lt. Denise BonGiovanni, of San Francisco's animal control division according to the Chronicle.

So far, no dogs are known to have gotten sick or died from the poisoned meatballs, but one dog died last year, when probably the same idiot left similar poisoned meatballs in the same neighborhood.

The city has put up a few dozen signs urging people in the neighborhood to keep their dogs on a short leash, don't let them grab anything and to snatch it away if they do get what might be one of these meatballs.

Meanwhile, I hope the person who left the meatballs has a rolicking, severe case of food poisoning right now.

I'm hoping this person gets caught. There has to be a lot of security cameras in the area, so maybe one or more of the cameras picked up on something.

I don't know what this person's motive is, but I bet he or she is currently the most hated person in San Francisco.

And if they find this person, I bet I could come up with a GREAT meatball recipe for that jerk to "enjoy" in jail.

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