Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No Shark Bites: Emergency Surgery Frees Shark From Certain Death

There's an endangered aquatic animal, the grey nurse shark that mostly lives around the coast of Australia.
This poor shark along the coast of Australia had a cord
wrapped around it like a noose, which was going to
kill it. Watch what some humans did about this. 

As sharks go, this type isn't really the most likely to chomp a surfer's leg off, but you still want to be careful. Which makes the video in this post all the more interesting to watch.

The danger brought up a dilemna recently when one of the endangered grey nurse shark's was found with an elastic cord that somehow got wrapped around it like a noose. If that cord didn't come off, the shark would die a slow, painful death.

Not wanting THAT to happen, a team of divers and a veterinarian from Sea Life Museum went to work.

The divers went underwater and coaxed the shark into what was essentially a giant, clear sock, which they used to bring her to the surface. They put her on a stretcher, and brought the shark to the surface where the veterinarian was waiting with a pair of scissors.

The vet cut the elastic off and made sure the shark had no additional injuries. The vet grabbed a syringe, injected the shark with an antiobiotic, and the patient was then free to go.

So congratulations to the divers and the veterinarian for a job well done!

Here's the video from 7News in Australia of how the whole thing went. It's fascinating:

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