Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Doxxing" Is The Latest Fad Among Stupid, Disgusting Internet Trolls

You have to admit it, Internet trolls, the sadistic weird people who often make being online such a chore, keep coming up with lots of innovative ways to annoy and torture people.
Wouldn't it be great if we had a
product like this to rid the Internet
of all the trolls out there? 

The latest one I heard about is "doxxing."

Doxxing is just a fancy name for research. You look online for documentation of something to get a full understanding of what, or who it is. Doxxing isn't inherently bad, but it is when the troll try it.

Usually, doxxing has a negative connotation, when people find others' personal information like addresses and Social Security numbers and put them online.

Some doxxers/trolls get their jollies by finding nude or sexually compromising photos of women on line, usually put there by revenge-minded ex-boyfriends or hackers who stole their personal data. The trolls then do a little research to figure out all the identifying clues about the women.

They find out their name, age, exact place of residence, where they work, who their friends, bosses and family are and all kinds of stuff like that, just to cause lots of pain and embarrassment.

Because that's fun, you know?

Doxxing has gone to ridiculous extremes. Now the trolls are doing the doxxing against women who are  photographed out in public, clothed and doing nothing that anyone would think is unseemly.  But they use the pictures to get a specific ID, then play out their sexual fantasies about these people.

Because they are such losers, they can't get anything in real life.

For some reason, certain sections of the online forum site Reddit really attract these kinds of weirdos.

It happened to an Olympic volunteer recently photographed during the winter games in Sochi, according to Salon. 

"Her shirt is folded up, revealing a taut stomach, and her bright blue snow pants are pushed halfway up her sins. Eyes closed, she's leaning against a barrier that reads, 'Sochi, 2014 - Hot. Cool. Yours.'

"........before long a user in the subreddit/ r/randomsexiness managed to figure out her name, track her down on social media and post a host of personal photographs, including requisit bikini beach shots, along with her full name. As can be expeted, there were creepy remarks, like this one: 'From when her first pic showed up, I knew that chick was looking for attention.'"

Yeah, that Olympic volunteer was just desperate for the chance for pervy weirdos to look up information about here.

For women with compromising pictures, it gets really bad: Again from Salon:

"Redditor kwamiz wrote about her experience having her email account hacked and naked images of her, along with her name and address, posted on 4chan. "Men at bars in the (large) town where I live call me slut. Entire threads on 4chan are devoted to finding out which Facebook events I am attending. I receive multiple emails everyday calling me horrible things.

So do my mother, father and little sister. And my dear cousin, who is only 14, had them sent to her as well. I cannot begin to explain the hurt of being called up by a child, wondering why I'm naked in her
Facebook inbox."

Both the writer at Salon, and me, find it interesting that these creepy trolls think the women "deserve" to be put out there like this, against their will because they were "sexually liberated" enough to allow themselves to be photographed.

Yet when somebody outs one of the trolls, it's suddently a huge invasion of privacy.

So yes, all this is more proof that there area a certain subset of creeps out there, ruining it for everybody.
And they are very, very creepy.

It would be fun to dox the trolls, and put their sick mugs and their personal information out there as revenge. Of course, that would be falling to their level.

And I'm sure the trolls stick together. That's all they've got, really, is each other. If one troll gets humiliated, the rest will probably gang up on the person humiliating them, which chills the urge to go after the trolls.

They say don't feed the trolls and that's great advice. But when they do this kind of thing, it's time to feed the trolls to the lions.

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