Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Such Creative Ways To Rob Stores! Chainsaws and Flower Pots

I can NEVER get over the creativity of those people who like to rob stores for fun and profits. (Or maybe cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets)
Our flower pot wearing buddy trying
to rob an Australian convenience store
with a chainsaw. n

A perfect example of this takes to Australia recently, when a young guy wearing a flower pot on his head maybe inspired by the band Devo, tried to rob a store while holding onto a running chainsaw.

Alas, as is often the case in these robberies, our suspect, Steven Frank Steele, didn't get away with much, and was arrested to boot, according to Australian authorities, according to the Queensland Times.

He did manage to get away with a bottle of soda, was able to moon the terrified store clerks, and damage a window and some display shelves, so there is that.

Police said the chainsaw was stolen, too. Oh well.

And that flower pot looked pretty cheap, don't you think? Dude, you want to go for quality. Don't the garden centers in Australia have anything nice in ceramic or terra cota?

Last we checked, Steele was being held until his next court appearance. And he apparently no longer has a chain saw with him.

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