Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cute "Puppy Love" Budweiser Commercial Is Sign Of The End Times, Says Wacko

A lot of you I'm sure have seen that "Awww, Ain't That Cute!" Budweiser Superbowl commercial I wrote about the other day, the one about the persistent puppy's friendship with the Clydesdale horse.
This guy informs us that cute puppy/Clydesdale
Budweiser ad is a commercial promoting
the Antichrist end times.  

Well, guess what?  What we thought was an adorable ad is the Antichrist heralding the end times.

Seriously! William Tapley says so! I has to be true!

Who the hell is William Tapley, you ask? Glad you did! He's this guy who calls himself the Third Eagle of the Apocalpyse who finds all these signs of the devil and all that taking over the world.

I want to believe he's just being a parody performance artist, but I think he takes himself serious.

He's got a TON of YouTube videos that are hilarious. (He doesn't think they're funny. They're SERIOUS, damn it! But never mind)

Anyway, the Budweiser commercial: See, the little puppy keeps escaping from its pen.  He's a rule breaker. That's a sure sign of the apocalypse. The puppy befriends a horse, one of the four horse of the apocalypse, you see.
WATCH OUT: Cute puppy in this ad is
really the Antichrist!  

The puppy is eventually adopted by somebody, but as the new owner drives away,  the horse and his horse buddies (Horses of the Apocalypse!!) intervene and stop this.

The commercial ends with the puppy, which is the Antichrist, triumphantly leading the apocalypse horses back to the farm, where the hapless humans embrace them all and live happily ever after.


Which proves THE END TIMES ARE HERE!!!

This Tapley video about the Budweiser puppy commercial is awesome, but it doesn't beat the ones he did  few years ago, that "proved" the new Denver Airport was one big phallic symbol, another sign of the end times.

Those videos were the subject of a hilarious CNN/Anderson Cooper Ridiculist segment a couple years back. 

But today's End Times subject is this dangerous puppy Budweiser commercial (Which has 25 million hits already, Yikes! We're all being taken in by the Antichrist!)

So here's Tapley's hilarious YouTube take on the puppy commercial (Hat tip to Joe Jervis' JoeMyGod blog for noticing this)

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