Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Guy Would Do ANYTHING For A Twix Bar, Apparently.

This has happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to you.
An Iowa man went through great lengths to
retrieve a Twix bar from a vending machine.  

Against your better nutritional judgement, you break down and head to the vending machine at work to get something very bad for you. Soda. Chips. Chocolate bar. Whatever.

You put your money in, the little spiral mechanism or whatever starts pushing out the item you ordered and then.....nothing.

What you ordered is stuck there. You shake the machine. It's no use. The stupid machine will not cooperate. You don't get your candy bar, and you walk away, fuming over the injustice of it all.

Well, Robert McKevitt of Spirit Lake, Iowa was not going to accept such an injustice, No Sir!

One day last fall, when the vending machine at his job at a Polaris Industries warehouse in Iowa wouldn't give him his Twix bar, he made sure he FORCED the dastardly machine to give up the goods.

According to the Des Moines Register, McKevitt commandeered a forklift, used it to grab the vending machine, lift it off the floor by two feet and let it drop.

It took six tries at dropping the vending machine repeatedly with the fork lift, but McKevitt got his Twix bar. He was able to declare victory.

Sort of.  McKevitt won the battle but lost the war. He enjoyed his Twix bar, but his bosses at Polaris really didn't enjoy his creative use of the company forklift, so they fired him.

Which surely affected his ability to afford more Twix bars in the future.

He appealed his firing, saying he had moved the vending machine to get his Twix, and then used the forklift to put it back in place, but Iowa unemployment officials weren't buying it, according to the Register.

So here's an employment tip: Next time you have a hankering for a Twix bar and the vending machine won't give it to you, avoid the company forklift and instead ask your bosses for a half hour off from work. That way, can run down to the store and get a whole bunch of Twix bars.

I bet you wouldn't even need a forklift to get the convenience store clerk to sell you all the Twix bars you want.

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