Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now THIS Is How You Announce A School Closing

Another huge winter storm is spreading snow, inc, power failures, road closures and various other kinds of cold season hell across much of the country.
These guys don't look like members of the band Queen
but they channeled the band when they annouced
weather related school closings in Kentucky.  

Thousands of schools are closed because it's just too dangerous on the roads to get the kiddies to the classroom.

Boone County Schools in Kentucky decided to have a little fun with a school closing announcement the other day by channeling the band Queen to inform parents the kids would stay home because of a storm.

The school superintendent figured if they got some exposure from their antics, people might donate money to the cash strapped school district. Hey, you gotta try, right?

Here's the video of the principal and an assistant recording the announcement for school district parents.  Weird but fun.

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