Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Even BETTER Political Ad Than The One I Gave You Earlier

Maybe we're getting too much into politics here, given the bizarre ad I gave you from a Minneapolis mayoral candidate the other day.  
Tea Party Republican Carl Sciortino Sr. reacts
to his son Carl Sciortino Jr's  liberalism in the younger
Sciortino's wonderful campaign ad.  

But another campaign ad really made the rounds yesterday and it is even better than the weird one from earlier this week. And this one is  actually kind of hopeful.

Carl Sciotino Jr. is running for Congress from the Massachusetts 5th District. He's a gay Massachusetts liberal and proud of it. (Well, what do you expect from Massachusetts?)

Sciotino's dad is a total Tea Party Republican. You'd think the Sciotinos would hate each other.

After all, when we watch the news, the Tea Party people seem to want liberals dead, and vice versa. They hate, hate HATE!!!! each other.

This political ad, however, uses the differences between the son and father to promote the Sciortino campaign, and show that people can love each other even if there are severe differences of opinion.

The ad has the younger Sciortino recalling the moment he came out to his father. Not as gay. But as a liberal. (GASP!!)

It might help that the elder Sciortino can't vote for or against his son. They don't live in the same Congressional district. 

Maybe if Sciortino is elected, he can help prove that differing political parties can work together. That's probably too much to ask for, though.

Here's the ad. It's wonderful. Enjoy:

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