Saturday, September 21, 2013

Xenophobic Stupid Troll People Are Very Inconsistent

As any reader of this blog knows, I am absolutely fascinated by stupid people.
Everybody except a few trolls was
happy the lovely Nina Davuluri won
the Miss America pageant last week.  

In that spirit, we bring you Miss America and America's Got Talent. Or at least the stupid trolls' reaction, or lack of reaction to both events.

Much has been made over the newly crowned Miss America, the lovely Nina Davuluri of New York.

Like all of the other fresh-faced contestants, Davuluri is an all-American young woman. Born in Syracuse, New York (which is, um, in America) she is beautiful, smart, ambitious and nice.

What's not to like about her, even if you, like me, don't follow the Miss America pageant slavishly?

As always, people felt pretty good about Miss America.

Except in Xenophobic Stupid Troll World. There, Davuluri is an Arab terrorist. Apparently there's no difference between people of Indian and Arab descent in Xenophobic Stupid Troll World, XSTW for short.

And in XSTW,  all people of Arab descent are going to blow up your building and shoot you in about five minutes.

Davuluri isn't blonde, did a sort of Bollywood dance number for her talent sketch, and has a "weird" last name. So not American, and definitely a terrorist in XSTW.

Much was made of the reaction in XSTW, but they are only noticeable because they are loud and obnoxious. I don't think, and I hope, there's not many of them.

The trolls are also inconsistent. Over on America's Got Talent this week, a guy named Kenichi Ebina won the annual talent competition.

Ebina isn't even from America. He's Japanese. So how did he win America's Got Talent? With, um, talent, but maybe the Xenophobes are mad about this too?
Dancer and performance artist Kenichi Ebina
won "America's Got Talent" last week. 

Not really. So far, there hasn't been the kind of backlash against Ebina that there has been against Duvuluri.

America's Got Talent hasn't been around long enough, and hasn't yet gotten the all-American cache, apparently, to piss of the denizens of Xenophobic Stupid Troll World like when in the Miss America contest.

For the record, Ebina deserved the win in my book. The performance artist's skills at dance, video projection, art, mime, computer technology, storytelling and more is beyond astounding.  I'd pay damn good money to see his show. I hope he has a long, successful career.

And let's hope the so-called people who live in Xenophobic Stupid Troll World don't discover that Ebina won "America's Got Talent" and is performing in America.

They'll start talking about some stupid Japanese invasion or something.

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