Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yep, That Twerking Video In My Screed Last Week Was Fake, As I Said

Some of you might remember my screed last week declaring twerking a dead fad.

I stand by that, but not by a vow I made to myself to never talk about twerking again.
Jimmy Kimmel fessing up with
the stunt woman who helped him make
the fake twerking video that went viral last week.  

In last week's screed, I said a video of a twerking disaster that went viral was probably fake.

I was right again. Just for the record, the fiery twerking disaster was a sketch produced by Jimmy Kimmel. 

He 'fessed up to the "deception" last night on his show.

The woman who twerked, fell and burst into flames in the video was a professional stuntwoman.

Kimmel said he just put the video out there without promoting it, to see if it would go viral. It did. He and I are amazed at how many media outlets reported on the video at face value, without even mentioning that it could be a fake.

Um, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, folks.

Yeah. I'm twerking madly right now as I type this. It's true! It's on the Internet, so it's true!

Kimmel said he hopes his fake twerking disaster video will end twerking forever.

I can't agree with you more, Jimmy!

But it turns out twerking isn't a new fad. I found this great video on BoingBoing of a woman twerking in 1910. Seriously!  To be honest, it's probably the only twerking video I'll ever like

Watch and see if you agree:

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