Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Singer Rion Paige Is My New Favorite Reality Show Contestant

I know it's a cliche on those dime-a-dozen talent reality shows on TV but I'm a sucker for them anyway.
Rion Paige, 13, singer and future star.  

It's the meme in which a person who has had disadvantages in life goes up on stage and nobody is expecting all that much out of them and then they bring the house down.

Think Susan Boyle as the most famous example.

The latest person in this parade is Rion Paige, 13, who appeared on The X Factor last week.

She has a condition with an alphabet soup name that has left her wrist joints deformed and pretty much useless. She's also blind in one eye.

But on stage, Rion was as vibrant as a ticker tape parade. The cloud of frizzy blonde hair that surrounded her face glowed almost as much as she did.

Then she sang a Carrie Underwood tune called "Blown Away"  She owned the stage as she performed. The girl has star power.

Simon Cowell, the most famous of the talent show judges out there, is on the X Factor panel. He said watching Rion's performance reminded him of the time he first met Carrie Underwood and predicted she would be a star.

"I will say the same thing about you," Cowell told Rion.

We shall see, but I do hope we hear a lot from Rion over the years. Watch the video and judge for yourself:

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