Thursday, September 5, 2013

Singer Martha Wash Is Back And You Must Listen To Her

Many of you probably have never heard of Martha Wash but you'd know her voice instantly.
The incredible Martha Wash  

She was half of the duo The Weather Girls who had that iconic novelty hit "It's Raining Men" back in 1982.

She was also the distinctive voice on the 1991 smash by C+C Music Factory you've all heard, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"

The music video to the song is a total scandal because it has an attractive woman mouthing the words Wash sings.

The makers of the video wanted a sex bomb, not the Rubenesque Wash to appear, which is totally insulting to Wash, if you ask me. It misled people into thinking Wash wasn't a part of the record.

Wash was not given credit or royalities for "Gonna Make You Sweat", even though her awesome voice was the centerpiece of the hit. She sued and got her credit and her royalties, and changed the rules of the record industry so that anybody who sings on a record gets royalties and credit.

Her solo career has not featured any enormous smash hits, but she's been out there.  Her music and singing are always big on the dance club circuit, for sure.

Wash, now 59, has got  new music out and it's so worth listening to. The single, "It's My Time," is lyricially nothing special, to be honest. It's platitudes about giving it your all, how you deserve to make your dreams come true so keep trying!!

Those lyrics, though, are well worth listening to. We all need the encouragement, trust me.

Especially when they come from Martha Wash. She's got the best voice since Aretha Franklin. Hell, to me, her voice is as good as Aretha, and that's saying something.

Here's the official video for "It's My Time" by Martha Wash. You really should play it to make your day.

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