Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marital Spat: Photogs, Minister Go At It During Wedding Ceremony

A viral video is making the rounds that shows what might be the ultimate awkward moment at a wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom look mortified as the pastor
lectures the photogs in a video that has
gone viral.  

The video starts off looking nice. The handsome groom and the lovely bride are at a pleasant outdoor setting.

The pastor is about to administer the vows, when he turns to the photographer, the guy shooting the video we are watching.

In to uncertain terms, he tells the photographer to scram.  "This is not about photography. This is about God," our angry pastor thunders.

The bride and groom both look aghast. In fact the word "aghast" in the dictionary now has their photo.

Here's the video, with more commentary below it.

Somebody who identified himself as Michael Borrielllo uploaded the video. There's no background information as to how this got going, so context is lacking.

But jeez, couldn't this have been handled better. As many have pointed out, couldn't the photographers and the minister had a conversation beforehand as to where the photos should be and what they should and shouldn't do?

And the minister is an ungodly jerk here. Yes, he was annoyed at the photographers, and maybe he was justified. But did he have to stop the entire ceremony to lecture the photogs?  Maybe he could have had a nasty private word with them afterward?

Yes, he thinks the whole ceremony is about God and everything else is secondary.

But maybe God would have liked a more dignified ceremony? And the event is about the bride and groom, too. Don't they account for anything. After all, presumably they or their families were paying for the minister's work here.

The incident also prompted a lot of conversation at The conversation kind of goes along with  my line of thinking that there really indicates there was plenty of blame to go around.

Thank goodness when Jeff and I got married, we enlisted our niece Staci Stengle to perform the ceremony. No muss, no fuss. She was beyond awesome. Staci even stayed cool when in the middle of the ceremony, I absentmindly handed her a Kleenex I'd used when I got emotional. Now that's awesome!

I'd hate to think how the pastor in the video in this post would have managed our ceremony. But I bet he won't get hired to do many more in the near future!

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