Thursday, September 12, 2013

ANOTHER Reason Why Dogs Are Awesome

A couple down in Charleston, South Carolina hired a woman to take care of their infant son because they had to work.
The happy dog who saved the baby from
an abusive babysitter.  

The woman they hired, Alexis Kahn, seemed fine. She passed her background checks and all.

But soon, the couple's friendly dog started being very, very unfriendly toward Kahn. When she'd come to the door, he'd get all aggressive and want to attack her.

The dog would also try to form a protective barrier between Kahn and the baby, according to television station WCSC in Charleston. 

That was enough to get the parents, Benjamin and Hope Jordan suspicious. So one day, when they left for work they left an iPhone on and hid it under the couch, to see if it would pick up any signs something was amiss.

Well, it was. The iPhone caught the sounds of Kahn slapping and abusing the baby. She was fired, faces up to three years in prison and won't be babysitting, hopefully ever again.

Unfortunately, the WCSC report doesn't give us the name of the dog, but well done doggie!  As Gawker put it, that's a real Lassie moment for ya. 

Do you have any Lassie moments with any of your dogs you want to share? Please do.

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  1. The mother commented in the comment section and mentioned the dog was named Killian. Good job, Killian!