Friday, September 27, 2013

Even Willie Nelson Is Not Safe From Cruel Thefts, Crimes

Somebody stole Ol' Dillo, and Willie Nelson is NOT happy about it.
The woman suspected of stealing
Willie Nelson's mascot, Ol' Dillo, a stuffed
toy armadillo. Photo from a Capitol Theatre
security camera.  

Ol' Dillo is a stuffed toy armadillo which has become a mascot for him and his touring band. It belongs to sound engineer Aaron Foye and you can usually see Ol' Dillo on a console on the left side of the stage during a Willie Nelson concert.

But recently, during a sound check before a concert at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, somebody stole Ol' Dillo. 

Security camera footage from the theatre shows a woman with short dark hair picking up Ol' Dillo and walking away with him, so investigators, not to mention Willie Nelson, are trying to identify the thief.

The photos of the woman are pretty clear, so somebody must know her and can narc on her. At least we hope.

Also, Texas Roadhouse, the restaurant chain, is offering a $1,000 gift card for information on the return  of Ol' Dillo.

The Capitol Theatre is asking anyone to contact them with info on the theft of Ol' Dillo. People can return him to the Theatre too, and no questions asked.   We hope Ol' Dillo is hanging in there as he's being held hostage, and we hope he returns to Willie Nelson soon.

So at least everyone is working together so we can have the safe return of Ol' Dillo.

The timing of this isn't good either, as Nelson, 80,  is having a rough week. He's has to cancel some concert dates due to a shoulder injury. 

So, on the off chance anybody here knows what's going on, you can reach the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester at or 914-934-9362.

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