Tuesday, September 24, 2013

World's Best Parents Find Best Solution When Daughter's Wedding Cancelled

Forty days before Willie and Carol Fowler's daughter was to have an elaborate wedding ceremony, the wedding was canceled.
Willie and Carol Fowler are awesome  

The couple has already paid for the entertainment, food, reception, all that stuff. So they'd have to call the caterers and all those people and lose their deposits.

Just as Carol Fowler started calling, Willie had an idea. Let's not cancel the reception. In a stroke of genius, he suggested just giving the reception away to the homeless, says ABC News via Gawker

So on the day the couple's daugher was to have married, they helped the Atlanta-based charity Hosea Feed The Hungry bus 200 homeless people to the pretty swanky reception hall, where the adults dined on salmon and chicken while the 50 or so kids has chicken fingers, french fries, fruit and chocolate chip cookies.

"All the plates were empty and there wasn't any leftover food at all. It was an eye-opening experience," said Quisa Foster of Hosea, according to ABC. "You go to weddings sometimes and you see a lot of people really waste food. We take so many things for granted. These clients or guests, as we call the, they don't."

The Fowlers have declined to say why the wedding was cancelled in the first place.

So the Fowlers are classy on a number of levels. They're taking the high road on the purient questions about why the wedding didn't happen. It's none of our business, and they didn't make it our business. Perfect!

Then, instead of just dropping everything, they took action. Let's face it, it had to take a lot of work rearranging the catering and everything else, working with Hosea and doing everything else to pull the event off.  And they couldn't have felt like putting much effort into things after learning the big wedding was off.

So kudos to the Fowlers, who know how to take a bout of bad news and turn it into terrific news.

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