Monday, September 2, 2013

Strange Sounds Around World Apocalypse? Hoax? Normal?

YouTube  has filled up recently with weird videos of loud, trumpet like sounds coming from the skies in various parts of the world, especially Canada.
Back country skiers in near Conklin Alberta, Canada
puzzle over loud, strange sounds in the sky in 2012.  

The latest comes from Terrace, British Colombia and was taken early in the morning of August 29.

Listen as you watch the video. More commentary (explanations? fear?) below the video

 Surely, some of the videos with these sounds are hoaxes.

And a  Terrace, British Columbia, official said in the video above, the sounds came from a city worker grinding a blade on a grader, but it does seem awfully loud for that.

Plus, how do you explain the almost identical sounds in places like Queens, New York, Tammela, Finland,  Allen, Texas  Conklin, Alberta, and a bunch of other places.    

I doubt all these places had city workers obnoxiously griding blades on a grader.

It's definitely true this could be a part of a big trend on YouTube, like planking or something. It would be pretty easy to dub these sounds into routine videos. But apparently, some of the videos aren't fake.

So what's going on? None of the explanations, like solar rays hitting the earth, make sense.

It does scare me to listen to these sounds, though the logical side of my brain (which is the one that is almost always right) says there must be a reasonable explanation for these loud, weird noises from the sky.  Maybe it's fracking?

It would comfort me to know what they are, though. Even if the noises are caused by something that isn't good for us.

I just hope I don't hear these sounds where I live. Then I'll really freak out. And Jackson the Cocker Spaniel will really go off the deep end.

Silence in the skies, please.

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