Monday, September 16, 2013

Mayoral Candidate Emerges From Lake In His Underwear, Promises Not To Visit Strip Clubs

The fine citizens of Minneapolis have about 30 people to chose from to be their next mayor.
A still from Wagner's epic campaign ad.  

The candidate who has made the biggest splash, so to speak, is a guy named Jeffrey Alan Wagner.

He's a long shot, but has gotten TONS of free publicity lately over his unique campaign ad, in which he  emerges from a lake in his underwear, tells viewers to wake the @#$*& up and assures us that as mayor, he will no longer go to strip clubs.

I haven't found much else regarding his platform, other than he's for renter's rights. His Facebook page is pretty thin.   Wagner says his campaign web site will go live on October 1, so I can't wait for that.

But his ad has already gotten close to 400,000 hits on YouTube, so it's safe to say he's gone viral.

Here's the amazing ad:

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