Friday, September 13, 2013

Dire Hazards You Never Knew Existed: Nasty Frostbite From Deodorant?

Sorry, but we have to talk about your underarms for a minute. And your feet.
Extra cold, too, if
you misuse this stuff.  

You get ready for work in the morning, and after your shower, you spray a little deodorant under your arms so you don't stink up your coworkers. The spray initially feels quite cold, and good there.

Then you get to thinking. Well, what if my socks and shoes and feet get sweaty and gross? Maybe I could give my socks and the insides of my shoes a good soaking with Right Guard or something like that.

Don't do that! A guy in Scotland learned the hard way. He soaked his socks in deodorant and went on his way, but soon he was in agony. The skin on his feet was black and peeling off and gross.

It turned out he had severe frostbite, according to the Daily Mail of UK.

How did this happen?  It turns out when the spray comes out of the can, it immediately cools to just a few degrees above zero fahrenheit. When sprayed into the air into your underarms that's not a big deal, as long as you don't hold the spray too close to your skin.

Confined inside your shoes, the deodorant will give you frostbite, just as if you walked around barefood outside in Vermont in January.

Who knew? The thought has even crossed my mind in the past to spray deodorant onto my socks.

I guess I'll forever have to ensure my socks are clean and my feet can breathe. Or something.

What scares me is, what other seemingly perfectly safe and harmless products are out there that will kill me if I get creative using them?

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