Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tobias Bass, 10, Is The Perfect Antidote To Those Horrible N.Y. Kids Who Trashed House In Illegal Party

Last week, I told you about that former NFL player whose vacation home was trashed by a few hundred teenagers who decided to have a huge party there.
Awesome kid Tobias Bass, 10, is the perfect antidote
to all those jerky partying kids in New York
who trashed a house.  

Six of the teenagers have now been charged, and more arrests are likely. 

Brian Holloway had put Tweets, photos, Instagrams and such the teens posted from the party on line in hopes of identifying them and getting them to apologize and maybe help clean up.

You'd think that might make the kids and their parents a bit remorseful and make some amends. Instead, some of the parents threatened Holloway with lawsuits or worse for putting the photos on line, instead of, say, getting the kids to take responsibility for their actions.

Few, if any did, so he authorized the sheriff's department to start making arrests. One of the people arrested was a kid Holloway had taken in at times because of a lousy home life.

That's the thanks he gets, I guess.

The whole thing has made me and many others depressed about the youth in this country. And their parents.

Before things got too hopeless, though, we get this brilliant ray of sunshine from Oklahoma.  There's an athletic little kid, Tobias Bass 10, who felt bad that his brother Titus 11, can't go out and play because he has cerebral palsy.

So, the enterprising Tobias wrote a letter to the Oklahoma News9, the local TV station, and asked for a favor.  Tobias wanted to run a 5K race and push his brother in a jogger pusher so the two could participate together. But his mother couldn't afford an adequate jogger pusher.

In his letter to the News9 anchors he wrote: "Can you go to the news and not ask Oklahomas to give me anything, but can someone loan me a jogger pusher so I can pus Titus in the 5K?"

Notice Tobias didn't ask people to donate a jogger pusher. He just wanted to borrow one. He didn't want a hand out. In his letter, he also offered to push other disabled kids in events like the 5K, as a means of paying it forward.

The reporters at News9 were only too happy to report on a perfect story that came to them, instead of having to hunt for one. So they did.  Here's the video of News9's report on Tobias (Warning: Kleenex alert, you might need some)

And as you can tell by the report, News9 also got an outfit called Oklahoma Able Tech to give Tobias and Titus a pusher stroller.

News9 was also there last night when Tobias and Titus ran the 5K. They finished strong. The money quote after the race from Tobias was this, regarding his brother: "He actually gets to be like all these kids around me. He actually gets to live life."

If only the kids, and their parents from that party at the ex-NFL players vacation house had just a billionth of the moral fiber of Tobias Bass

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