Monday, September 2, 2013

New Relationship Low: Snaring Mates With Positive Pregnancy Tests Bought On Craigslist?

I'm no worldwide expert on relationships but here's a mini-trend reported on Salon that I don't think bodes well for the potential marriages of the people involved.
One of those weird "Buy My Pos. Pregnancy
Test" ads on Craigslist.  

According to Salon, some women are buying posiitve pregnancy tests on Craigslist to convince their mates to marry or stay with them. 

The theory is, the guy thinks he's going to be a father, and that will convince him to stay with the woman who bought the pregnancy test.

I don't think these women buying the positive tests have really thought this through, do you?  What happens when the pregnancy, which is somebody else's after all, doesn't happen like the guy thought? And what happens if the guy discovers the deception? I bet it won't make him want to stay with the gal who lied to him.

Even if the guy involved never figures out the Craigslist trickery, is this anyway to build a relationship or marriage? Based on trickery and lies?  Again, I'm no expert, but I don't think these marriages can be saved, as they say.

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