Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dumb Idea: Setting BBQ Fire Among Cars Parked On Dry, Windy Field

So a bunch of people went to a stunt  show somewhere in France. Motorcycles performing loop de loops or something like that. Sounds fun.
The results of a French  barbecue gone badly awry.  

As is often the case in events like this, people arriving were told to park their cars on a grassy field.

That wasn't a problem until two drunk guys (It's always drunk guys) decided to have themselves a little barbecue. In the dry, grassy field.

They "thought" they put out the fire when they were done, but the started themselves a fire that tore through the parking lot in the field, destroying at least 64 cars

It caused quite a little blaze, as you can see in the video below. Authorities also had to stop people from approaching the flames to rescue their cars. (People could have gotten hurt or killed, obviously)

The two guys responsible are reportedly might get up to two years in prison and might have to pay restitution to some very, very pissed off car owners. 

Here's the vid:

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