Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Listening To Mom Sing Wins YouTube Cute Olympics

I'm totally one of those curmudgeons who knows that YouTube is a wasteland littered with practically nothing but cute or allegedly cute kittens, puppies and babies cavorting all over the place.
Baby listens to mom's awesome singing.  

(Note on that topic: Stay away from the "I Can Has Cheezburger?" site)

However, my Grinch heart grew three sizes bigger when I found a video on BoingBoing of a 10 month old girl listening to her mother sing.

Mom really has an awesome voice. She chose an awesome song to sing and the baby girl just melted with emotion when she heard it.  I never knew babies could be so emotionally complex.

Probably a lot of adults will become pretty emotional, too, watching the video.  I do have to issue a Kleenex warning here.

So I will succumb to cuteness and share what may be the sweetest, most watchable video on YouTube.

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