Friday, October 18, 2013

Walmart Tells Employee It's Company Policy To Let Thugs Beat You Up.

A Walmart employee in Michigan was fired because he fought back when somebody was beating him up.
Save money and live better at Walmart. Unless
you're an employee being assaulted. Then don't live better,

Apparently, you're supposed to allow yourself to be beaten. Nothing like a bruised and battered Walmart employee to greet customers, no?

Kristopher Oswald said he was on his lunch break in the parking lot when he saw a woman that looked like she was being assaulted, according to WXYZ -TV in Detroit.

He offered to help but when he did, he was attacked. He almost had the guy who was piling onto him beaten back when two other guys pounced.

Luckily, police arrived and broke up the melee.

Oswald said after the incident, Walmart fired him for violating company policies.

Walmart, of course, has no comment.

A lot of big corporations have these anti-violence, zero tolerance policies. That's meant to protect employees from violent coworkers and the policies make sense.

Until you get the HR people. panicked over the possibility of lawsuits. Anyone with the slightest connection to a violent moment, even if they are totally the victim, is fired. Because lawsuits are worse for these companies than their employees' well being, I guess.

I once worked at an outfit like this. A guy, unprovoked, hit another guy. The guy who was hit put up his arms to defend himself and that was enough to get him fired.

Yes, fired.  You're supposed to allow yourself to be beaten, apparently.

I guess big companies, including Walmart, think violent people will sue their deep pockets for not letting them assault innocent employees.

It's all about money, isn't it? People are dispensible. Like cattle. Or widgets, in the eyes of some big corporations.

It's all making me a bit careful as I seek new employment. I want to give it all to any company I work for. Give it all, that is, except my life and well being.

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