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Worst Internet Troll Yet Falsely Accuses Woman Of Falsely Reporting Rape

Even though I'm past 50 years old, I still look to other guys who might be role models, guys that do things right, that give me some guidance on how to be a good man, a decent man, somebody that people might respect. Somebody that gives respect.
Creepy Internet troll Peter Nolan  

Peter Nolan is not that role model. Not by a long shot.

He is, in my view, though, one of the creepiest Internet trolls out there.

You've never heard of Nolan, most likely, but he heads this group (or he's the only member of the group)  "Crimes Against Fathers" whose mission seems to be to really nail woman who allegedly falsely accuse people of rape.

What Peter Nolan and/or his group does is put online personal information, i.e. name, address, of the women he says falsely yell rape.

He recently did this to a woman we'll call Rachel at Ohio University. Only problem was, the woman he's targeting had nothing to do with the sexual encounter he's highlighting. 

Nolan is unrepentant though. Rachel sort of, maybe, kinda, looks like the woman in the sex tape that is part of the rape accusation. Therefore, in Nolan's logic, she's the one that falsely reported the rape.

Never mind that Rachel, Ohio University, police and prosecutors all insist Rachel had nothing to do with the sexual encounter that might have been a rape. She has apparently not reported any recent crimes, falsely or otherwise.

She might have happened to be in the same building where the alleged rape happened,  maybe, but she's not involved.

And, police say, they're still investigating the incident and are not sure yet if there even was a sexual encounter (there probably was) or if there was a false accusation of rape from anyone (So far, no proof or strong indication there was)

Because of Nolan, Rachel can't go to classes and is in hiding. Because Nolan the troll, who put Rachel's information on line, inspired a whole bunch of other trolls, as these things tend to do. They've been threatening her, making her life hell.

I hope Rachel sues the hell out of Nolan, but I doubt she'll be able to. Nolan the Wimp is hiding out in Germany, it seems.

Nolan told the New York Daily News this:

"The University of Ohio and the local police aer not credible sources of information The police are the LAST people I would trust for passing out information.....

"What would be credible information, is for the woman who made the false rape allegation to be named, her photograph released to the public for comparison to the video, and for those who witnessed the event to sign afficavits under oath tha the woman they saw at the incident is the woman who now admits that she made the false rape allegation."

 Hoo-boy. And we're supposed to believe Nolan is a more credible source than police and Ohio University?

And that Nolan plans to continue torturing Rachel until a possibly fictional woman shows up to admit she falsely accused somebody of rape and that the people visible in this video are going to sign some big statement and affidavit just to make Nolan happy?

Besides, who cares if Rachel is not the woman in the video, according to Nolan. If she gets so upset by his actions that she commits suicide, good, because men are so persecuted by false accusations and discriminated against by society, says Nolan according to Buzzfeed.

According to Buzzfeed, if you can stand it:

"Absolutely, we know that we might injure this woman. This woman might to out and commit suicide," he (Nolan) says.

He sees the issue as part of a larger societal issue of men being villified in courts and by the media. It's an issue that he says he's standing up against by publicly naming women wo are possibly committing perjury.

"If Rachel...goes out tomorrow and buys a agun and blows her head off that's not a problem for me. I'm prepared to say that in public," he says. "Now the reason I'm prepared to say that in public is because I'm reflecting back the exact same attitude that it would be if it were a man."

So what he's saying is he'd be happy to have an innocent woman be driven to suicide because of his perception that society is biased against men.  Whether or not Rachel is biased against men is beside the point.

I'd love somebody to get Nolan's personal information on line to give him a taste of his own medicine. I don't normally like trolling, but in this case, he deserves it.

But of course Nolan the wimp is now hiding even more now. You can't access his Crimes Against Fathers site. I don't know if he took it down or somebody else did.

He does have a video on YouTube, but the comment section is disabled. You wouldn't want to hurt his feelings even mildly criticizing him, apparently, but yet he can torture via the Internet women he hasn't met, doesn't know and has total misinformation about them

I guess Nolan really IS a role model for me, come to think of it. A role model on how I should live my life exactly the opposite he does.

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