Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fed Workers Can't Search For Missing Woman Due To Closure And We're Worried About Boehner's Career?

OK, here's where I'm confused and infuriated. So much of the analysis of why the government is shut down and Congress can't get anything done boils down to this:
Is John Boehner's career more important
than a missing Idaho woman?  

House Speaker John Boehner can't get a spending bill out without an attachment defunding or delaying Obamacare because Tea Party Congress people won't agree to it, and Boehner can't just ignore him because it might force him out as speaker.

Plus, if Tea Party members cave, their constituents back at home will be pissed and they won't get re-elected.

So the careers and egos of a few rich, fat middle aged or old guys is more important that the economy and fortunes of the nation? Or 800,000 federal workers who won't get desperately needed paychecks?

And those selfish Congress creatures are apparently more important than the life of a missing woman in Idaho. According to KBOI out of Boise,  a woman named Jo Elliot-Blakeslee, 63, is missing in rough terrain in Craters of the Moon National Monument.

Only a skeleton staff of park rangers can look for her because they're not allowed to work because of the government shutdown. 

And get this: The park staff can't even volunteer to look for the woman. According to KBOI:

"Federal workers are not allowed to volunteer to do their jobs during the shutdown because U.S. law says they can't do any work that has not been allocated funding."

So, let's make sure the woman missing in Idaho dies to make so that the idiots in Washington can score their political points.

The family of the missing woman is asking for experienced hikers to look for her.


Still, I am always looking for the bright side of a bad situation and I did find one.  A KKK rally at Gettyburg National Military Park has been canceled. The government shutdown means the park can't issue any special permits for events. 

So if you were planning on going to the Oct. 5 KKK rally, do your racism thing somewhere else.

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