Friday, October 25, 2013

You'll Cry And Cheer As You Watch Mushy Find His Voice

There's a great kid in Britain named Musharaf Asghar, known to his many friends as Mushy.
Musharref "Mushy" Asghar prepares to give
his successful oral presentation in his final exam.  

Mushy has the same problem as the King George VI in the movie The King's Speech

He stammers like crazy, which was a particular problem because he has to take something called the British matriculation exam to go on to college.

Twenty percent of the grade is an oral exam, and that would really screw him up.

However, his teacher, a Mr. Burton, had seen The King's Speech and saw that it helped to have him listen to music while speaking in front of a crowd.  Mr. Burton said, basically, what the hell, let's try it on Mushy and see what happens.

It worked! He wasn't perfect, but good enough. He got a C in the oral part of the exam.  He's nowin college and doing quite well, according to news reports from Britain.

Mushy's "King's Speech" was caught on video because it was part of a documentary show in Britain called Educating Yorkshire.

Mushy, writing in the Guardian, said he was glad his struggles and success were on television, and his speech continues to get better. He does add, however, that he won't try to get a job at a call center.

It's a sweet little video, because it kind of makes you cheer and cry at the same time, a lot like that Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock video I told you about yesterday.

So, for another dose of inspiration, let's watch Mushy give his brief talk.

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