Friday, October 4, 2013

Man Who Found Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Has A New Boat!

Congratulations to David Henneberry of Watertown, Massachusetts, who just acquired a new boat.
A view of the boat Boston Bombing
suspect hid in. The boat
was pretty much destroyed when the
bomber was captured, so strangers bought a
new one for the owner.  

I'm mentioning this because Henneberry is the guy who found Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in the boat he had parked in his yard.

During the massive manhunt to find Tsarnaev last April, the suspect hid in the boat, Henneberry found him there and called police.

Flushing Tsarnaev out of the boat, named Slip Away, badly damaged the vessel. Plus the FBI needed to hold it for evidence.

People were of course extremely pleased Henneberry found Tsarnaev, called authorities and ended the manhunt. But people felt bad that Henneberry's boat was trashed in the process.

So kind strangers started a fundraiser, with a goal of coming up with $50,000 for a new boat.   The fundraiser actually went a little over the $50,000 target, so Henneberry asked that any excess funds go to One Fund, which helps victims of the Boston bombing.

Henneberry named the new boat "Beth Said Yes." because Henneberry is grateful his wife Beth agreed to let him accept the boat.

The Boston Marathon bombing was of course, as awful as anything could be. So it's nice to cling to any good news that comes out of the incident.

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