Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Most Blunt News Headline Ever: N.Y. Daily News And Congressional "Turds"

Tell us how you really feel, New York Daily News!
Today's New York Daily News  

There's widespread disgust with Congress with the shutdown and the failure to do their job and all that.

I saw a poll yesterday that shows Americans like Vladimir Putin more than they like Congress.  The sour, dour Putin gets a 19 percent approval rating while the Congressional approval rate is 10 percent.

I'd like to know who the 10 percent who like Congress. I haven't met any of them lately.

Today's New York Daily News cover, though, as you can see by the image in this post, takes the disgust with Congress to a new level.

So what do you think of the Daily News cover? Does it take things too far? Tell the truth? Prod people or Congress into action? Something else? Other opinions? I want to hear them. Just for fun, I guess

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