Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drunk Driver MUST Finish His Big Mac

We all have priorities
Is this Big Mac worth a police chase and
criminal charges? One guy, at least, says yes.  

According to The Smoking Gun, Randall Miller led police on the chase because he wanted to finish his  Big Mac before he was arrested

Police in Ohiol said they saw Miller, 3, driving erratically so decided to stop him on suspicion of drunken driving.

Their suspicions were apparently well founded, because it was later determined he be about three times over the legal limit.

He was finally stopped after he presumably finished his Big Mac and was no longer hungry. But still drunk.

Here's a quote direct from the police report: "Miller stated he was sorry, he was too drunk and he just wanted to finish is Big Mac before he was stopped."

I'm sure the chase was completely safe. That Miller was drunk and eating a huge messy hamburger I'm sure had no effect on his driving skills.

Just for the record: You don't have to be drunk to eat a Big Mac. Probably tastes better when you're drunk than when you're sober, though.

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