Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lots Of Mean, Stubborn People In The News, So We Give You A Boy And A Dog Becoming Friends

I'm still obsessed with the stupidity of Congress in an unhealthy way. I get angry every time I think about how they're not getting what they need to get done because they have to show how "principled" they are, or something.
Much better than Congress: A dog and a little
boy become friends in a wonderful video.  

Since when is it's principled to act like an overtired toddler who is not getting the expensive toy he wants?


I try to distract myself with nicer images. Yesterday, it was those heroes who saved people and showed what the opposite of the U.S. Congress is. 

Today, I'll give you a sweet video that actually came out a year ago, but has gotten a resurgence in popularity on line today. I guess everybody is looking for something positive.

It's a golden retriever in Buenos Aires named Himalaya who is making friends with a little boy with Downs Syndrome. The boy doesn't normally like interactions with other beings, he's incredibly shy, we understand, but even he can't resist the charms of a dog wanting to be a friend.

Neither can I, and I bet you can't either, so here you go:

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