Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oversharing Just Got A Whole Lot Worse: Selfies At Funerals!

When I put on my cranky old man hat, I whine about how kids today overshare, and put every last detail of their lives on social media. As if we care.
A young woman apparently
 enjoying herself at a

It's sunk to a whole new level apparently. Some youth are taking happy, fun selfies at funerals, because, after all, there can't be too many pictures of you poisoning the Internet.

Really. There's  whole Tumblr site called "Selfies At Funerals" in which said social media "darlings" show themselves having a grand old time at grandpa's funeral.

One of the most disturbing things about this series of photos is so many of these idiots are making duckfaces.

You know, that OTHER trend in which people plump up their lips and look like Donald Duck trying and failing to look sexy.

So, at the next funeral you go to, make sure you Tweet and Instagram a photo of yourself making a goofy face for the camera, with deceased grandma in the casket behind you photobombing your whole production.

Because this is a trend, apparently. Sigh.

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